8:15 – 9:15 AM
General LMA Anesthesia

High impact professional athlete with wrist pain affecting function and performance. His subtle MRI findings were considered to be within normal limits by radiologists and team physicians. Following wrist arthroscopy and removal of a torn and impinging ligament flap, he returned to competition two weeks later and shortly returned to all-pro form.

Wrist arthroscopic view from the dorsal 3-4 portal showing intact dorsal stabilizing fibers at the scapholunate joint.

Wrist arthroscopic view from the same dorsal 3-4 portal moving more volar now showing a proximal scapholunate flap tear off the scaphoid impinging within the wrist resulting in inflammation and pain.

Removal of the torn scapholunate ligament using a small arthroscopic biter and shaver.

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