9:30 – 10:45 AM
Pre-operative Long-Acting Regional Block and General LMA Anesthesia

This woman had an unstable right thumb CMC joint for years and it has become progressively painful and dysfunctional.  She has underlying ligamentous laxity, and on the other hand, sustained finger amputations as a young woman.  She is completely reliant on her right hand for daily activities.  This PA X-ray reveals a dislocated thumb metacarpal at the CMC joint. 

Treatment options included a tendon suspension arthroplasty and a CMC joint fusion.  Given her ligamentous laxity and the high demands placed on her right hand due to the left hand amputations, a thumb CMC joint fusion was performed with distal radius bone graft.  The fusion was stabilized by two nitinol compression stables.  Her pain was eliminated and her function markedly improved.

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